Our Team

Bekah and BryonyRebekah Johnson

Rebekah Johnson was born in Tanzania at the Chimala Mission Hospital. She is an EMT, emergency medical technician, and oversees the medical charts and daily meds of the babies. Bekah monitors the babies in the hospital and brings them home to Neema when they are ready to leave the hospital. She takes babies to the hospital for shots and AIDS testing. She teaches First Aid Courses to the nannies and staff at Neema and gives regular skills tests. Her skills have already saved the lives of two babies at NV. She has devoted her life to these babies and we are so fortunate to have her at Neema. She is supported entirely as a missionary from the Vine Church in Temple, Texas and is under the supervision of the Board of Directors of Neema.

Michael and Dorris FortsonMichael and Dorris Fortson

Beginning as young missionaries near Mbeya in 1965, the Fortsons have a long history of service in Tanzania. Compelled by the images of homeless children on their trips to Tanzania, they established Neema House Arusha in 2012. Michael and Dorris have four children and eight grandchildren. All of their children are involved in the support of Neema. Two of the Fortsons children were born in Tanzania and Rebekah now lives at Neema Village. Michael and Dorris are semi-retired and serve as unpaid volunteers and Directors of NV. They are the Executive Directors of Neema and serve as President of the Board of Directors.

Ashley Berlin

Ashley Berlin is from Casper, Wyoming.  She comes from a preacher family and is deeply committed to teaching the love of Jesus to all her students.  Ashley and our Tanzanian teacher, make up the preschool teaching staff at Neema Village.  Ashley is a volunteer and is not paid by Neema Village.

Kim White

Kim White volunteers at Neema Village twice a year for three months at a time.  As a Board Member, she is on the Finance Committee and the Education Committee of Neema Village.

Kim oversees the Volunteer Program by handling correspondence and scheduling.

Kim is the “in charge” director when Michael and Dorris are not in Tanzania, and as a volunteer, she is not paid by Neema Village.

When you leave this earth you can take nothing you have received, only what you have given.
St. Francis of Assisi