How to Help

Sponsor a Baby.

It cost an average of $300 per month to keep a baby at Neema Village, but partial sponsorships of $30, $100 or other amounts are gratefully welcomed too.  We are often asked why so much?  Babies are expensive!  Formula is expensive even in Africa!  We are not a “dirt floor” orphanage, we have babies who are premature and need sterile environments or babies who have special needs and all Neema babies have lost their mothers and need extra loving care.  Neema babies are well fed, happy, loved and in a clean and nurturing environment.

Our Bookkeeper and Auditor have recommended that we cut our categories down to four main groups:

Pease designate one of these four funds that support all work at Neema Village when donating.

  1.  General Purpose Funds- Includes sponsorships for babies and funds necessary for operations.
  2. Outreach Funds- Includes MAP, STM food, medical, water well drilling, education and other outreach projects such as food deliveries.
  3. Property Development – Includes building projects, (please include the name of the building)  roads and land purchases.
  4. Volunteer Expenses – Funds paid exclusively by volunteers for their own expense at Neema.

The Board reserves the right to allocate funds to support the work done at Neema Village.

  • Here are some more helpful steps to give on the Tithely donate page:
    To designate fund selection- please use the dropdown list to ensure bookkeeping accuracy. If no selection, your donation automatically goes into the General Fund.
    It is important to use the tab button if using a computer. If using your phone, you are able to scroll down as usual.
    * fill in your contact information including name, email, phone, mailing address
    * choose a payment method
    * click cover the fees (yes or no) If you select yes, the fees are included in your donation receipt
    * On the memo line type in any other information you would like.
    Then feel incredibly Blessed to be able to help these precious babies and moms at Neema Village!

Keeping up with Your Sponsored Baby.

Neema Village is has had over 400 babies who have come through our program and average between 50 to 60 babies each month living at Neema. Each baby has an album on Neema Village Facebook and we do post an update 3 times a year on their album. It always has cute updated pictures which you can “save as” and put up on your fridge and a short paragraph of what is happening in your baby’s life. Many people do not have Facebook but Neema Village is a public site so you don’t have to join Facebook, you can just follow us and watch for your baby update. That would be a great help to us and I think you would enjoy following the many ways God is working at Neema Village. Bless you dear Sponsors!

Donate to the Outreach Program to help one of our women begin a small business.

If you would like to help our mothers become self sufficient, please donate to the Outreach program. For U.S. tax deduction purposes, please do not include individual or business names. .   We have averaged the businesses at $600 but we are grateful for any amount you give to help these “Lion hearted” women of Africa.  The IRS in the United States will not allow tax deductible gifts to a specific woman or business.   Sponsors from other countries are welcome to donate to a specific business.  We are grateful for any amount you give to help these women have a new start in life.  Lifting a woman up is one of the biggest things you can do to change the world.

  • Chicken Business $495
  • Vegetable Business $500
  • Sewing business $350
  • Beauty School $1,000
  • Beauty Salon $700
  • Used Clothing $500
  • Charcoal Business $300
  • Small Items Store $1,000
  • Cow/Milk $700 – $900
  • Shoe Business $150
  • Honey/Bee (4 hives) $320
  • Small Cafe with food $700
  • Juice Bar/Internet $1,000
  • Goat Business (5) $375
    • The Average business cost $600

You can Donate Online, click below

All information is secure and encrypted to protect you and your information. Just tap the link to get started!

Tap Here to Give Online Now (Secure)

or You can Donate by Mail

Mail your check to:

Neema Village Tanzania, Inc.
P. O. Box 21553
Waco, TX 76702

We Need Your Help In Several Ways:

  • Without God’s blessings, this effort will fail. Pray for us and with us!
  • Spread the word by telling others about our effort
  • Send our website address to others
  • Volunteer to come to Tanzania to build, teach, and love children*
  • Help financially with our needs, especially with sponsoring babies**
  • To make a one time or automatic monthly donation with Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express or a debit to your checking account, or to Sponsor a Baby tap on the link below.

*To Inquire about volunteering, send an email to

**All U.S. donations are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged with a Thank You Note and documentation for your tax records.

When you leave this earth you can take nothing you have received, only what you have given.

St. Francis of Assisi

Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.
David Platt