Tiny little abandoned baby whose mom’s name was Esther was born on the 22nd of July. She weighs 1.7kg now (3.7 lbs). Our nannies voted on the name Lottie after my sister Lottie McCormack who was so tiny when she was born she was put in a shoe box on top of a pot belly stove to keep her warm.  Lottie  means tiny and feminine.  Neema Village picked little Lottie up today from Mt. Meru hospital where she was abandoned by her mother. The nurse took her into the mama room at the hospital to be fed but no mama came forward to feed her. We pray Lottie’s  mother will have a change of heart and come and ask where her baby was placed. Neema Village would be happy to help reunite them if possible. For now little baby Lottie is safe, cared for and loved at Neema Vilage.

Would you consider sponsoring baby Lottie while she is here, please go to www.neemavillage.org to find out how, thank you!

When you leave this earth you can take nothing you have received, only what you have given.
St. Francis of Assisi