Tausi is a 26 year old mother of two small children. She was happily married and had her first child, a son born with albinism. When she had her second baby, a little girl who was also born albino her husband ran away, abandoning them. Tausi returned home from the hospital with her new baby and small son with no way to pay their rent. She began selling everything they owned to afford her rent payment. When that money ran out, she was forced to leave and began begging on the streets with her small children when an older woman pitied her and allowed her to stay in a small mud hut near her house. Tausi was chopping and selling wood to make enough money for food when we enrolled her in MAP. She decided to continue with selling firewood, and we have helped her to expand and begin selling charcoal as well.

Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.
David Platt