MAP mom, Shamimu, ran away from her husband because he beat her. He beat her a lot and so often that she became deaf from the beatings. Beating a woman seems to be acceptable here. Ugh! This poor mom found her way to Neema Village for help. If you look at her wall upper right she had written “God Save Us.” Fortunately she came on a Thursday when we were having the “Women’s Rights” seminar where a young attorney, Winnie, teaches them they have the right not to be beaten. I love this program. We will try to find some medical care and maybe her ears can be repaired. She is so frustrated and sad because he took away her hearing. We have moved her into the May MAP houses and will help her start a business. Right now she doesn’t see how she can do anything because she cannot hear. Kassie said this broke her heart and she could not help but cry for this poor woman who is the same age as Kassie, 24. Every MAP mom we help is depressed and sad. I hope we never grow so used to these tragic life stories that we cannot feel their sadness. You can see it on Shamimu’s face. If you will go to our website and click on MAP moms you can see the different costs of businesses that Neema sets up for them.  Changing a life is not easy, it is hard, but changing her world, changes our world.

When you leave this earth you can take nothing you have received, only what you have given.
St. Francis of Assisi