A Community leader called Anna at Neema Village about a Mother who had been abandoned by her husband so Anna and a few volunteers went to see how we could help.  Rosie is the second wife of a man and she and the first wife  would fight,  The first wife injured Rosie’s little boy’s hand and after surgery it did not heal properly.  Rosie left with her two children.  A kind old woman had given her a room to stay in with her two children, 3 years and 1 year old.  There was no bed, no mattress, no electricity, nothing in the room.  The mother had nothing, no food and no money.  She is 21 years old land her family is very poor and lives far away.  They cannot help her.  We will move Rosie to the Jeffrey May MAP houses.  She will begin counseling and meeting with the other MAP moms at Neema.  We will talk about a business for her in the future.  You can support these MAP (Mothers Against Poverty) moms by donating to the MAP program at Neema Village.

When you leave this earth you can take nothing you have received, only what you have given.
St. Francis of Assisi