Rosie is 22 and has one child. She is from another region in Tanzania but came to Arusha to work as a housekeeper. She became pregnant and had her baby. The man she was with did not know she had an issue with falling. Her problem was later diagnosed as Epilepsy. One day, she fell into the fire and injured her leg very badly. The injury was hard to get taken care of due to being very poor. The man she was with left because he did not know what to do. Rosie lived alone with just her baby. One day she was waiting for MAP Director Anna, at the gate of her home, begging for help. It was evening and Anna gave her some money and brought her to Neema. The hospital worked very hard to save her leg and surgery was the best option.  After the surgery Rosie was in the hospital for one month.   Neema hired help to take care of her at the MAP apartments for six months. She recovered and wanted to begin living on her own and start a business selling charcoal.  She really missed her mom and needs help with her health condition.  Neema reunited her with her family. She will continue to sell charcoal and work with to provide for her child.

When you leave this earth you can take nothing you have received, only what you have given.
St. Francis of Assisi