Martha ran away from her Maasai village at night.  Her father had died and the village elders wanted her to marry an old man who already had other wives.  She walked to the highway about three hours at night to get to the main road where she hitched a ride with strangers to town.  I cannot imagine how brave you have to be to do this!  There are hyenas out there.  In town Martha heard about a place that helped girls who ran away from early marriage and FGM.  It was the sweet little church orphanage down the road from Neema Village.  The girls from the orphanage come to Neema Village on Fridays to sew and that is where we met Martha.  She quickly became a leader in the group, leads the Maasai songs and leads the girls in prayer before they begin to sew.  Dora the sewing instructor says she is very good at sewing.  After finishing the sewing course, Martha received her own sewing machine from Neema Village.   Now she is ready to start a sewing business out in another Maasai Village.  She has learned to make school uniforms.  All school children wear uniforms here.  To get her started we will buy her 3 bolts of fabric, good scissors, thread and a chair.  She will also need rent for six months and about $30 for food for six months.  She is young and energetic and will do very well.  Her business will cost about $450. USD.

When you leave this earth you can take nothing you have received, only what you have given.
St. Francis of Assisi