Charity # 2

Five years ago a little newborn Maasai baby was brought to Neema Village.  That was our girl Joycie whose mother had died in childbirth.  The father was old and said he could not care for the tiny baby.  He had grown sons who were not married and could not care for the baby either so she was brought to Neema Village where we all fell in love with this little girl.  She won top awards in school and became the leader of the Neema Choir.  A year ago one of the brothers who had gotten married came to Neema with his new wife and asked if they could raise Joycie.  We were happy since that is our goal to put the babies back in their family but also sad for us.  We will miss this little girl.  Joycie has returned to the family farm where the brothers and grandparents all live together.  Neema supports Joycie in boarding school.  Joycie’s new mom  came to Neema asking for help for the family.  We have set Mama Joyce up in a goat business.  We are excited about this as it is our first goat business.

When you leave this earth you can take nothing you have received, only what you have given.
St. Francis of Assisi