Anna Kimambo, MAP director at Neema village writes today;
“This young mother’s name is Fatuma. She has two children and she is 23 years old. Her husband left her in a room when she was six months pregnant.
Life became so difficult for her, she could’t manage to pay her rent and buy food, she sold some of her stuff so that she could afford to pay the rent and buy food for her children.
One Sunday our Neema Village volunteers visited a poorer area of town to bless mothers of new borns. They met Fatuma and talked with her and saw that she needed help. The volunteers came home to Neema and called me to ask if we could go and interview her for the MAP program.
I visited in her home and she was just trying to sell the last of her things (like clothes, pots and bed) so that she could pay her two months rent. We helped her by paying her back rent and six months forward rent and I bought her daughter school shoes.
Fatuma will join our MAP program where we are nearing 150 women who have gone through the Mothers Against Poverty program. Fatuma is hoping to do a vegetable stand business with Neema’s help. Thank you for helping these women”
Neema often takes volunteers out on Sunday afternoons to walk around in the poorer areas of Arusha and bless 3 or 4 new moms with an envelope and about $25 in Tanzanian Shillings. It is always a fun surprise for the moms to receive that unexpected gift. Sometimes as the volunteers walk around the streets they find women like Fatuma who need more help than what is in that one envelope. We always pray that God leads us to those he wants us to help. With Him there are no accidents!
If you want to see what different businesses cost to help moms like Fatuna go to https://neemavillage.org/mothers-against-poverty-map/ and see the average costs of businesses that Neema is able to do for these mothers.
“When you lift a woman in Africa you not only change her world you change ours!”

When you leave this earth you can take nothing you have received, only what you have given.
St. Francis of Assisi