Bilihuda is 22 years old and was kicked out of her house with her 3 yr old little girl.  She went to live in the village but her family is very, very poor.  The rains have not come and many people in the villages are starving.  Bili came to town to find a friend and be a house girl. When she arrived, she couldn’t find her friend. She met Joari and they started living together and getting food together. Joari was living in a shack tacked onto a broken cement fence.  The two girls and three children had nothing. When Anna went to see Joari, she met Bilihuda and asked her why she had come there because there was nothing there to support the girls. She said she had more here than in her village. She was very poor and didn’t have anything at all. Bilihuda was moved to the MAP houses at Neema Village where she is an encouragement to the other mamas living there. She enjoys cooking for them. She says she wants to have a cooking business because this something she loves to do and feels like she is good at it.   We have had five new moms in the MAP program in the last month.  A MAP business averages about $500 USD.  You can help Neema Village give these women hope and a second chance.  b

When you leave this earth you can take nothing you have received, only what you have given.
St. Francis of Assisi