Mary #3

Mary is 35 years old and has 4 children.  Her husband used to beat her and finally left the family taking everything except a foam mattress on the floor.  When Mary could not pay the rent she and the children became homeless.  She began walking the streets begging for a room where they could spend the night.  That is where Neema Village found her, in a borrowed room.  Some kind people tried to help her by giving her clothes but she could not carry them around all day so she would leave them on the road.  MAP Director Anna brought her to Neema and she is now in one of the MAP houses with 2 beds, stove, table and chairs, pots and pans and showers.  She will enter the Neema program for women and begin to take classes including the women’s rights classes that teach women they have the right not to be beaten.   Mary will open a vegetable stand and soon she will be able to support herself and her children,  You can help women like Mary by donating to the MAP program at Neema village.  A start up vegetable stand business cost about $350 which includes 6 months food and lodging while she gets the business going.

When you leave this earth you can take nothing you have received, only what you have given.
St. Francis of Assisi